Are Tenants Ruining Your Dreams of Financial Freedom?

Here’s the deal.

You bought a rental or turned your old house into a rental, to create cash flow.

But now??

You realize that your tenants have consistently been bad. You burn up all of your cash flow making repairs and covering the mortgage during vacancies. You get “emergency” calls about stuff any reasonable person could figure out. 

You might even have it really bad where the tenants won’t let you in… They have trash EVERYWHERE… They have pets that are destroying the house… They have other people living there not on the lease… They don’t call you when things NEED to be fixed, costing you thousands… 

We get it… (We really do.) We own rentals too. We’ve had great tenants that turned out to be nightmares. We’ve had unreported water leaks that flooded the house. We’ve had people selling drugs out of our rentals. We’ve had people not pay rent for months. We’ve had to evict numerous tenants. 

No matter how amazing you are at screen tenants and managing the property these things still happen. It’s not your fault. 

So maybe you want to sell your rental and just be done with it. 

Do you really have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on fixing this house up? What happens if you tie up all of your money into fixing this house up just to lose your ass on the back end? 

Now you are going to put all of this time, effort, and money into the house just to barely make anything when you sell it – unless you discover the secret that Realtors won’t tell you so that you can save tens of thousands of dollars when you sell your house.

So, let me ask you something…

Are you going to be the 95% of people that lose their hard-earned money or barely scrape by… That spend months managing contractors… That spend tens of thousands in repairs… That constantly fight with their tenants… That spend thousands evicting tenants… That pays for two mortgages for more than a year… That have to mow, clean, and maintain the property for more than a year… or are you going to take a stand?

Be the 5% that successfully sell their homes without the hassle and get to pocket some money. Show your family that, even though you are going through tough times, that you still are your family’s rock and can make the best decisions for them. Show them that you can be counted on.

Smart Investors Sell Their Houses As-Is and FAST

Breyer Home Buyers will come buy your house as-is. But what’s that mean for you?

Let’s imagine you have a terrible tenant in the property. They are kind of hoarders and have lots of trash in the house. They don’t really keep up with the maintenance on the property. In fact, they do the opposite of taking care of it. So things like the kitchen, bathrooms, walls, flooring, and miscellaneous items need to be updated. You may even have tenants who are being a little difficult to work with. Heck, you might even have tenants who are squatting, not paying their rent, and not even letting you in the house (we see it all the time).

So, what would selling your house as-is do for you? 

You can sell it with the tenants. Did your Realtor tell you that you have to get the tenants out first? Are your tenants being a pain when you need to access the property for a showing? Are your showings being sabotaged by the tenants? We get it. We buy properties all the time with troublesome tenants. We can even buy the house without seeing the inside. We are patient and will happily work WITH you to get into the house if you need us to. 

We will evict the tenants for you. Have a tenant that hasn’t paid rent in months? Are they destroying the property? Don’t want to spend thousands of dollars dragging them to court and thousands more just to repair the damages they leave behind? We will inherit the tenants for you and evict them after we have bought the property. We know have the systems set up to handle these problems for you. 

You don’t have to fix up the property. Imagine losing money for months while the house is occupied. THEN you have to fork out thousands in repairs and vacancy expenses by spending months fixing it up to sell. When you sell to us, we buy the house as-is. That means you get to skip managing contractors… Skip spending thousands on repairs… Skip forking out money for the mortgage on a vacant house… Skip cleaning out the junk that the tenants left behind. You get to skip the stress, managing contractors, and the financial burdens of fixing up the house. Meaning, you get to spend more time with family, doing what you enjoy most. 

You get to sell faster. How long can you float two mortgages? The average time on the market for a house is 79 days. This means from listing until closing, it takes 2.5 months on average. The average renovation takes 7-8 months. This means you have to pay for two mortgages, taxes, and upkeep (on top of renovations) for up to a year. Breyer Home Buyers can close on your house in as little as 15 days. You get to avoid the financial strain of owning two houses for a year. You get to avoid worrying about whether you can pay the bills and late-night fights with your spouse about money. You get to plug the hole that’s draining money from your pockets. 

You skip Realtor fees. Not only can selling to Breyer Home Buyers drastically reduce the time it takes to sell your house, it also allows you to skip the Realtor fees. These fees can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. That big payday that you were hoping for was just pulled out from under you. Smart investors keep more money in their pocket by skipping the Realtor altogether. 

Schedule the closing when you want. Are you 1031 Exchanging into another property? We got you covered. When you go under contract with us, we can close when you want. 15 days out? 30 days out? 60 days out? It doesn’t matter. We work around your 1031 exchange so that you don’t lose your money to capital gains taxes. You get to keep more money in your pocket and your investments. 

They didn’t think that they would ever get to sell their money pit. 

We were recently called by a couple who had a few rental properties, but one, in particular, that was a real pain for them. 

The tenants had looked great on paper and everything checked out when they screened them. 

But after a few months of being in the property, rent stopped showing up. After not being able to get ahold of the tenants, the couple stopped by to give notice and check things out. 

When they showed up, there were 6 cars in the driveway. Way more than the two that the couple had. When they knocked, they were greeted by multiple dogs barking (the couple didn’t have pets when they moved in). There was trash everywhere in the back yard. 

By the time the couple called us, they had spent 3 months paying for the mortgage on the property out of pocket. They didn’t want to deal with the eviction process, spending money making repairs, cleaning out the property, or even dealing with renters in this house anymore. 

They were defeated landlords.

When we were able to get into the house, the dogs had defecated in the house, torn up carpet, chewed holes in doors… the works. 

There was trash everywhere. It looked like they didn’t even own a trash can, but instead just threw their trash on the floor. 

One of the toilets had overflown into the hallway without being fixed – meaning the ceiling below, the subfloor, and the joists were all rotten and moldy. 

They had poured gallons of grease down the kitchen drain – meaning that the basement floor had to be torn out so the piping could be replaced. 

That’s just the beginning. It was a mess. 

So the couple had given us a call out of desperation. 

Sell My Rental Property Atlanta

“I owned a rental property that I bought in hopes of investing for retirement. Unfortunately, after a few years of things running really smoothly, we had a bad tenant who looked great on paper end up in the property. 

They parked their cars in the yard, missed a few months of rent, snuck a few dogs into one of the bedrooms without us knowing (which destroyed the bedroom), and they trashed the place. We started the eviction process a few months in and that’s when Shawn from Breyer Home Buyers contacted us.

They paid cash for the house with the tenants in there, finished the eviction process themselves, and renovated the property. They saved us tens of thousands of dollars and gave us a fair cash offer. We had extra money to put in our pocket so that we could buy our next rental. Overall, it was the easiest and fastest way I’ve ever heard of selling a property. We couldn’t be happier with the team at Breyer Home Buyers.”

That’s what Ronaldo had to say after we closed on his property and he walked away with more cash than he expected to get.

We closed on their house 23 days after they filled out the form on our website. They were able to walk away from so many tenant headaches with some extra money. They even mentioned that they made more just selling it as-is to Breyer Home Buyers that they would have with the Realtor.

Does My Rental Have to Be Trashed To Sell To You?

Absolutely not.

We buy all kinds of rentals; duplexes, apartments, and single-family homes in any condition.

If you’re a tired landlord and you don’t feel like dealing with any more crap, selling your house to Breyer Home Buyers is the move.

The Secrets of “Professional Investors.”

You’re on a tight schedule. And quite frankly, you don’t have time to screw around. Every week that the contractors are in the house is thousands that you owe them in renovation costs. You’re even forking out thousands in mortgage, heating, electrical, and taxes. You need to stop the bleeding. 

About 80% of the investors you meet are fresh out of seminars and investing boot camps. About 15% have done a handful of deals. And 5% are buying tons of properties. “Cash buyers” are a dime a dozen. And everyone claims they can close in 14 days.

So who do you believe will deliver the goods when it comes to buying your house and saving your family from being kicked out onto the streets?

Make sure that you are working with credible investors who have experience in buying rental properties.

Are you going to mess around and keep losing money or are you going to be the smart investor that stops the bleeding?

We met with all of the Atlanta cash home buying companies that we could find to try to sell our house fast in Atlanta, but Shawn and the Breyer Home Buyers team was the best. They weren’t the highest offer, but they closed in 13 days and made the process so easy. They were transparent, honest, and it truly felt like they cared about helping my family. There’s no better feeling than knowing that I get to walk away from a bad property that’s causing my family so many issues. Thank you for everything you all have done for us, Shawn.


Due to medical reasons, we started to get behind on payments on our house. We wanted to avoid foreclosure, so we reached out to “We Buy Houses In Atlanta” Investors and Realtors in Atlanta to see what our options were. None of them were able to sell the property in time to stop the foreclosure or pay enough to cover the equity we owed.

Shawn and Melissa were able to offer what we needed to cover our costs on the house. They spoke with the bank who our loan was through and explained the whole process to them. They were able to close in 23 days and we didn’t foreclose! You guys are great! Thank you so much for how much you helped us.


Shawn and Melissa were a God send! They gave me more than I was asking for my home. They communicated excellently with me throughout the process. When I got emotionally and physically overwhelmed with packing and sorting 30 years of memories of my life with my late husband, they both came to help me pack and sort! I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. They understand your circumstances, they are honest upstanding individuals with a great business sense. I cannot thank them enough!

– Pamela

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Within 24 hours, you will have an offer on your property.

From there, we set a closing date with the attorneys and that’s it!

If we can’t buy your house, we will let you know on the spot. We’re not like other house buyers who will “Just tie it up and see if you can make it work.” We know with certainty that we can close. So what do you have to lose?

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We get dozens of leads per week and can only buy 8 properties per month. And while we’d truly love to help every family we meet, we can only buy so many houses. So, I urge you to act quickly.


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