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Have You Inherited A Mess?

You thought that inheriting money and property was going to really help you out. But now?? You realize that you’re having to pay two mortgages… You have to spend every weekend at the house just to maintain it… You have to throw away DECADES of junk that was stored in the house… You have to fight with your siblings just for what’s fairly yours… All of that just to spend 8+ months fixing up the house and listing it to make a sliver of money. 

Are you ready to spend months working on this property? You, the hardworking provider of your family, have to now split your time between your family and this property. Every free moment you get is spent dealing with this house. 

Do you really have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on fixing this house up? What happens if you tie up all of your money into fixing this house up just to lose your ass on the back end? 

Now you are going to put all of this time, effort, and money into the house just to barely make anything when you sell it – unless you discover the secret that Realtors won’t tell you so that you can save tens of thousands of dollars when you sell your house.

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What Happens When You Inherit A House?

  • 44 percent of attorneys, trust officers, and accountants cited family conflicts as the biggest threat to estate planning.
  • Property taxes, homeowners insurance, heating, electricity will make a huge dent in your finances.
  • Complete home renovations average $40,000 to $60,000.
  • Your Realtor will make you renovate the property to list it. 
  • You will have to clean out the house and make it spotless to list. 
  • You will have to pay your mortgage and the one you just inherited.

Take 100 families at the start of the probate process and follow them throughout until they sell their house and here’s what you’ll find, according to the Fair Housing Authority: only 1 will list the house immediately and make a windfall of money, 4 will sell their house in as-is condition and close in 30 days, 36 will spend months and tens of thousands of dollars doing renovations to make an average of $7,739 after selling through a Realtor, and 54 will take so long debating with siblings that by the time they make renovations and sell the house, they have lost money – causing them to come out of pocket to fund their inheritance. That’s 5 percent successful, 95 percent unsuccessful.

So, you’re about to lose your ass on selling this inherited property…

Are you going to be the 95% of people that lose their hard-earned money or barely scrape by… That spend months managing contractors… That constantly fight with their siblings… That put off cleaning out their loved ones’ belongings… That pays for two mortgages for more than a year… That has to mow, clean, and maintain the property for more than a year… or are you going to take a stand?

Be the 5% that successfully sell their homes without the hassle and get to pocket some money. Show your family that, even though you are going through tough times, that you still are your family’s rock and can make the best decisions for them. Show them that you can be counted on.

A Little About Breyer Home Buyers

Hi! We’re Shawn & Melissa. We grew up in Tennessee, relocated to Michigan for a few years, and now we have been in Georgia for several years. We recently got married and we have a family of three (if you count our dog, Tater).

Our lives revolve around being outdoors, growing ourselves, helping others, and most important to us – family and friends. We spend a lot of time hiking. Our most recent backpacking trip was to Pictured Rocks on Lake Superior.

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Smart Inheritors Sell Their Houses As-Is and FAST

Breyer Home Buyers will come buy your house as-is. But what’s that mean for you?

Let’s imagine you just inherited your parent’s house. They were kind of hoarders (aren’t all of our parents to an extent?). They didn’t really keep up with the maintenance on the property. So things like the roof, kitchen, and bathrooms need to be updated. You have some siblings who are being a little difficult to work with. Heck, you might even have siblings who are living in the property rent-free (we see it all the time).

What would selling your house as-is do for you? 

You get to take what you want and walk away from the property. Meaning, you and your family take time to pick out the things that you want to keep from your loved one’s belongings and leave the rest. We will handle cleaning out the property ourselves. You get to skip the emotional stress of throwing away your parent’s belongings. 

You don’t have to fix the house up. Flipping a house is risky. You invest your hard-earned money into renovating the property and hope that it sells to make you tons of money. How many nights and weekends are you sacrificing with loved ones to manage contractors? What happens when you hire a bad contractor and lose thousands? How many arguments are you willing to get into with your family over the finances of the house? You get to skip the stress, managing contractors, and the financial burdens of fixing up the house. Meaning, you get to spend more time with family, doing what you enjoy most. 

You get to sell faster. How long can you float two mortgages? The average time on the market for a house is 79 days. This means from listing until closing, it takes 2.5 months on average. The average renovation takes 7-8 months. This means you have to pay for two mortgages, taxes, and upkeep (on top of renovations) for up to a year. I can close on your house in as little as 15 days. You get to avoid the financial strain of owning two houses for a year. You get to avoid worrying about whether you can pay the bills and late-night fights with your spouse about money.

You skip Realtor fees. Not only can selling to Breyer Home Buyers drastically reduce the time it takes to sell your house, it also allows you to skip the Realtor fees. These fees can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. That big payday that you were hoping for was just pulled out from under you. Smart inheritors keep more money in their pocket by skipping the Realtor altogether. 

“Extremely professional and very caring about all involved.”

Working with Shawn and his team was a great experience. Extremely professional and very caring about all involved. Would definitely do business with them again.


These siblings were desperate…

We were recently called by a family that was months into renovating their home that their parents left them. It was two brothers and a sister. Their Realtor informed them that if they wanted to maximize the money that they were going to make on the sale of the property, then they needed to have the property cleaned out and the kitchen and bathrooms gutted and renovated before she would list the property on the MLS.

So they got started…

At first, everything chugged along fine. The bids from the contractors seemed reasonable. The contractors seemed reputable. And the repairs seemed manageable.  

One month into the renovations and repairs, the contractors began to uncover plumbing, wiring, and framing issues with the house. The quote that the contractor gave them to make the repairs was $19,237 (out of pocket). They decided not to have those repairs done, but the contractor pointed out that these items were not up to code so they HAD to be replaced. Ouch. 

After about another month passed, the contractors were getting behind on schedule. It turned out that they were leaving the job site, or not showing up, to go do 1-2 day side jobs instead. The siblings were coming out of pocket for the monthly expenses like mortgage, heating, property taxes, and electricity while the contractors were stalling. 

So the siblings gave us a call out of desperation. 

“I recently needed to sell a property that I inherited from my family. I live in another state so I wasn’t sure about the condition of the property. I called numerous companies to come out and look at the house. Most of the other companies seemed pretty sketchy, low balled me on the offer, didn’t return my calls, and weren’t very friendly. 

Luckily, I found Shawn. Shawn was professional, he was honest and transparent about the process of selling the home, and he gave us a fair offer. Selling to him was super easy with no hassles at all. I’d definitely recommend him.”

That’s what Jeff had to say after we closed on his property and he walked away with more cash than he expected to get.

We closed on their house 23 days after they filled out the form on our website. They were able to pay off the bank and contractors and walk away with some extra money. They even mentioned that they made more just selling it as-is to Breyer Home Buyers that they would have with the Realtor.

“They gave me more than I was asking for my home.”

Shawn and Melissa were a God send! They gave me more than I was asking for my home. They communicated excellently with me throughout the process. When I got emotionally and physically overwhelmed with packing and sorting 30 years of memories of my life with my late husband, they both came to help me pack and sort! I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.


The Secrets of “Professional Investors.”

You’re on a tight schedule. And quite frankly, you don’t have time to screw around. Every week that the contractors are in the house is thousands that you owe them in renovation costs. You’re even forking out thousands in mortgage, heating, electrical, and taxes. You need to stop the bleeding. 

About 80% of the investors you meet are fresh out of seminars and investing boot camps. About 15% have done a handful of deals. And 5% are buying tons of properties. “Cash buyers” are a dime a dozen. And everyone claims they can close in 14 days.

So who do you believe will deliver the goods when it comes to buying your house and saving your family from being kicked out onto the streets?

Make sure that you are working with credible investors who have experience in closing on homes fast.

Are you going to be the 95% who lose their money or the 5% who get big checks like these people?

“Shawn has always been fair and transparent in business. He does what’s best for everyone, not just him or his company.”

I’ve worked with several investors, but Shawn and his team are the best. Shawn has always been fair and transparent in business. He does what’s best for everyone, not just him or his company. He’s going to treat you right and not take advantage of you, which is important when working with investors and trying to sell your house.

Josh Allen
Atlanta, GA

“He won’t choose the deal that takes advantage of people.”

As a professional working in the real estate industry for a number of years, you interact with a few investors who are doing real estate the right way, many more who are not. Shawn is one of the guys who do real estate the right way. Shawn is a man of honesty and character, who not only is one of the smartest investors I have ever met but is unique in his genuine care for people. He won’t choose the deal that takes advantage of people. That’s how our professional relationship developed into a great friendship. If you seek to work with someone who absolutely understands and has comprehensive knowledge of real estate deal-making, but who also has a heart for the people he does business with, I cannot recommend Shawn highly enough.

Zachary Horn
Atlanta, GA

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Within 24 hours, you will have an offer on your property.

From there, we set a closing date with the attorneys and that’s it!

If we can’t buy your house, we will let you know on the spot. We’re not like other house buyers who will “Just tie it up and see if you can make it work.” We know with certainty that we can close. So what do you have to lose?

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