Proven Ways on Selling A House In Poor Condition

Does your house need a little love before you sell it? But you don’t have the money to fix it up? You can still sell your house for a fair cash offer even without sinking tens of thousands into the house. Let’s talk about selling a house in poor condition and what to fix up. … Continued

Georgia Probate [Ultimate Guide]

When you’re grieving, a complicated legal and financial process is the last thing you want to deal with. But often, that’s exactly what happens when families go through the Georgia probate process after losing a loved one. Understanding the Georgia probate laws can help keep you from getting caught by surprise. Who takes charge of … Continued

Foreclosure Laws in Georgia

Learn about the foreclosure laws in Georgia, including required notices, timelines, and more. If you’re facing foreclosure in Georgia, you don’t want to just bury your head in the sand and hope that it goes away. If you do, you will lose your house to the foreclosure process. This article is going to cover everything … Continued

What You Need To Know To Sell My House Fast For Cash

Are you facing a situation that makes you think, “I need to sell my house fast for cash?” There’s many reasons that make accepting cash for my house is super convenient. As investors, you may think we only buy ugly houses for $0.50 on the dollar. But in reality, we buy houses in any condition, … Continued

How Does Owner Financing Work in Georgia?

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the market. But you still need to consider selling. You might even be underwater on your mortgage (you owe more than it’s worth). The fact is that with credit being tight, and budgets being small, selling a home for cash isn’t as easy as it once was. If you are curious … Continued

Do You Need a Reliable Company That Buys Homes?

Are you looking to sell your house to a company that buys houses instead of listing it with a Realtor? Don’t have the money to fix up the house to list it? Just want to be done with your house? But you’re not sure where to even start? This article is going to walk you … Continued

Selling Parents House Before Death

As our parents age, we have their estates to consider. If you want to skip the probate process for their house, it might be worth considering selling your parent’s house before death instead of after. Allowing the house to go through the probate process after death can take 6-12 months depending on how complicated the … Continued

How To Get a Cash Offer For My House

When someone makes a cash offer for your house, selling your house can go much smoother. Without a lender involved, cash buyers can close fast without the fear of financing falling through. If you’re wondering if a cash offer is right for you, this article will lay out how cash offers change the process FOR … Continued

Georgia Foreclosure – The Complete Guide

Are you behind on your mortgage payments? Have you received letters from the bank notifying you of default? Are you facing foreclosure in Georgia? This blog is going to walk you through the Georgia foreclosure process so you know what you expect, learn how you can possibly stop it, or simply learn how to navigate … Continued