What Others Say…

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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Breyer Home Buyers

The other companies seemed pretty sketchy, low balled me on the offer, and didn’t return my calls

I recently needed to sell a property that I inherited from my family. I live in another state so I wasn’t sure about the condition of the property. I called numerous companies to come out and look at the house. Most of the other companies seemed pretty sketchy, low balled me on the offer, didn’t return my calls, and weren’t very friendly. Luckily, I found Shawn. Shawn was professional, he was honest and transparent about the process of selling the home, and he gave us a fair offer. Selling to him was super easy with no hassles at all. I’d definitely recommend him.

Breyer Home Buyers

All of the investors I had look at my house low balled me

Breyer Home Buyers is the most professional team of investors that I have worked with. I wanted to sell my house fast for a job relocation and all of the investors I had look at my house low balled me on the offer or seemed sketchy or unprofessional. Shawn at Breyer Home Buyers treated me like family, was very friendly, open about the process, and handled everything! Thanks guys!

Breyer Home Buyers

Our house was crippling us financially.

I can’t say how much I appreciate what you guys did for my family. Our house was crippling us financially. You all got us out of the house so quickly and easily. You guys are the best.

Breyer Home Buyers

They saved us tens of thousands of dollars and gave us a fair cash offer.

I owned a rental property that I bought in hopes of investing for retirement. Unfortunately, after a few years of things running really smoothly, we had a bad tenant who looked great on paper end up in the property. They parked their cars in the yard, missed a few months of rent, snuck a few dogs into one of the bedrooms without us knowing (which destroyed the bedroom), and they trashed the place.

We started the eviction process a few months in and that’s when Shawn from Breyer Home Buyers contacted us. They paid cash for the house with the tenants in there, finished the eviction process themselves, and renovated the property. They saved us tens of thousands of dollars and gave us a fair cash offer. We had extra money to put in our pocket so that we could buy our next rental. Overall, it was the easiest and fastest way I’ve ever heard of selling a property. We couldn’t be happier with the team at Breyer Home Buyers.

Breyer Home Buyers

“They closed when others couldn’t.”

We got handfuls of mail from investors and Breyer Home Buyers was one of the companies that we met with. We initially chose to go with another company because they offered more, but the other company negotiated us down when it got close to time to close on the house. Then the other company back out and didn’t even buy our house! We called Shawn and Melissa and they discussed our options. We decided to move forward with them at the lower price and they closed on it on the exact date that we requested. I wish we would’ve gone with them initially because we would’ve saved a couple months of time that we wasted with the other companies. 

Breyer Home Buyers

“When I needed speed and convenience, they were spectacular!”

My husband past away last year, I just had neck surgery, the house was vacant, and the house was going into foreclosure. I happened to get a call from Melissa and Shawn. The bank wanted to take the property back that week, but they were able to get out to the property the same day I spoke with them and they gave me a fair offer. They spoke with the bank to explain that they were going to buy the house from me, allowing me to pay the bank back.

When I needed speed and convenience, they were spectacular! They saved my house from going into foreclosure after I had given up on it. Thank you so much Shawn and Melissa!

Breyer Home Buyers

“I am so grateful they were the ones who reached out to help me deal with the house.”

After my father passed, I received a call from Shawn and Melissa about buying the house. The house was a wreck and had junk everywhere. When they came to visit the house and explained my options, they were very friendly and helpful with helping me figure out what the best route was to go with the property.

It would’ve taken me months just to clear out all of the stuff my parents had accumulated in the house over their lifetime, but by selling to Shawn and Melissa I was able to just take what I wanted and walk away from the rest of the stuff. They helped me find a new place to live because I didn’t have internet or a computer. They really just helped get over a huge hurdle in my life at the time. I am so grateful they were the ones who reached out to help me deal with the house.

Breyer Home Buyers

“They made us feel so comfortable and reassured by working with them.”

We recently worked with Shawn and Melissa, and just WOW. We had several other investors come look at our house and give us offers for more money, but they weren’t very clear about how their business works or how they come up with the prices. Simply put, we just didn’t feel comfortable with them.

Shawn and Melissa sat down and explained every single thing that would occur with selling our home to them. They made us feel so comfortable and reassured by working with them. They walked us through exactly how they came to their offer price instead of just giving us a low ball offer.

Most importantly, did they what they told us they would do. They were able to help us move out of our house. They allowed us to just leave behind everything we didn’t want anymore. They just made everything so smooth. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Breyer Home Buyers

“Sweetest couple we’ve worked with!”

We knew Melissa and Shawn were the right people to work with as soon as they sat down in our living room. They were very transparent, professional, fair, and FUN! We talked to them for 2.5 hours.

After closing, we were able to just walk away from the property with the stuff we wanted and leave ALL of the furniture and stuff we didn’t want anymore. They handled everything and made it super easy. I couldn’t have been happier. I felt like we were being taken care of as if we were their grandparents.

I recommend them to everyone!