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Cheap Investment Properties from Wholesalers In Atlanta

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We’ve all seen the wholesalers In Atlanta who send “deals” out at 85% equity.

Wholesalers In Atlanta who are daisy chaining properties.

The ones who get mad when you don’t agree with their valuation of the property.

You don’t like working with these noobs, and we get it. (They hound us too.)

If you want real wholesale deals in Atlanta, just sign up to our list.

Our goal is to pay a MAXIMUM of 65% for properties.

A lot of times, we just walk away if the sellers aren’t willing to go that low.

Sounds like a terrible business plan, right?

Like, why wouldn’t you just squeeze out EVERY deal that you can?

We want to pass savings down to you guys.

And if we can’t provide quality investment opportunities, then it’s not worth it to us.

Why Work With Wholesalers In Atlanta?

When you sign up on our list, you get deals that other wholesalers In Atlanta aren’t daisy chaining to you.

And you get first dibs at our wholesale properties when you’re on our list.

We send the properties out to our cash buyers list the moment we get the contract in hand.

Then, roughly 24 hours later, we start marketing the property on Facebook Marketplace and Facebook groups.

What Kind of Properties Will You See From Wholesalers In Atlanta?

Since our marketing strategy is SEO, we don’t have a ‘targeted house’ or person that we go after.

We kind of get what we get.

But, historically, we get a TON of properties in Gwinnett County, Fulton County, and Dekalb County.

Here and there, we get houses from the surrounding areas sprinkled in there too.

To brush stroke the type of house we see the most is one that’s built in the 1950s – 1970s (depending on the area), a 2/2 or 3/2, and generally, 1,200 square feet up to 1,900 square feet.

Do we get houses outside of that? Of course, but that’s the ‘bread and butter’ wholesale deals we see.

Wholesale Properties

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How Wholesalers In Atlanta Analyze Deals


Our favorite topic of discussion.

How do we run our numbers?

After being yelled at dozens, maybe hundreds, of times, I can say that everyone runs their numbers differently when it comes to wholesale deals.

But we try to do the best that we can.

We don’t do the newbie “Zestimate x 70% – Repairs – Assignment Fee.”

We account for:

  • Realtor costs
  • Flipper profits
  • Holding costs to flip
  • Staging costs
  • Repair costs (estimates pulled from Home Advisor – yours will be different, I’m sure)
  • Assignment fees (of course)

And the list goes on.

To find comps, we pull houses from Redfin from the past 6 months in a 1 mile radius that are SIMILAR build.

Let’s say we have a single story house with a one car garage and wood siding in Norcross.

Would we look at brick houses? Nope.

Would we look at 2 car garages? Nope.

Would we look at two story houses? Nope.

We look at other single story houses with a one car garage and wood siding.

How to Work With Wholesalers In Atlanta

To get the best deals, NOT be kicked off our Atlanta wholesalers list, let’s run down what we expect from our cash buyers in Atlanta.


We communicate through email only about the property, showings, negotiations, etc. This allows us to have a system to keep track of the hundreds of conversations we have each month.


We allow hard money lenders, but conventional bank financing is out the window.

There are certain hard money lenders that we DO NOT work with due to shitty experiences with them in the past.

Please tell us who you are planning on using when you make your offer on the house.

Talking To Sellers

When you tour the property with us, don’t talk to the seller about selling the house. Feel free to ask them anything about the house. We don’t care a bit.

In fact, we prefer you to ask everything that you can so that you are the most informed on your purchase.

We want this to be a good investment for you.

But trying to go around us will get you snipped real quick, son.

Closing Attorneys

We work with McMichael & Gray. Period.

We have tried over 20 real estate closing attorneys in the Atlanta area, and they are the most knowledgeable and are the best best at handling deals for Atlanta Wholesalers.

Usually, we have cash buyers request that we work with the attorney that they are used to working with.

Which makes sense, but trust us.

We want a smooth transaction.

We have to do what’s best for the sellers. If we provide bad service due to a bad attorney, then that’s a reflection on our business.

It gets messy.

Thank you for understanding in advance.

Treat Others How You Want to Be Treated

We are pretty simple people.

We treat you with kindness and respect. We expect the same.

If you call or email our team and are rude, demanding, or just an asshole, you’ll be blocked.

Granted, there are times in a real estate deal that we 100% understand frustration.

Every deal has that moment lol.

Just be a decent person, dude.

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Wholesale Properties

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