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Tax Delinquent Properties Atlanta

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Tax Delinquent Properties Atlanta

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Breyer Home Buyers is a real estate investment company.

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Foreclosure Homes in Decatur GA

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How to Buy Tax Delinquent Properties

If you’re going to go out on your own, buying tax delinquent properties can be a real headache.

You have to pull a tax delinquent list from your local county. Then you have to skip trace the list and cold call or direct mail them, spending thousands of your hard-earned money. If you aren’t running a large business, it may be too risky to market to homeowners who are behind on their taxes.

What happens if you end up spending $5,000 on marketing to end up empty-handed?

So, what are you supposed to do?

When you buy tax delinquent properties from Breyer Home Buyers…

You get to skip the risks of spending thousands of dollars marketing to a list.

You get to skip cold calling.

You get to spend time analyzing deals.

You get to focus on money-making activities like flipping houses or renovating rentals.

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There are two ways to get involved with tax-delinquent properties.

Tax Lien Investing

Investors can bid on tax lien investments via both online and local courthouse auctions. These offer a stable return, providing the owner catches up and pays the taxes. It is a relatively simple way to invest. Though returns can vary widely depending on the local competition. If owners don’t catch up, then it can become a route to take over the property.

The problem here is that you don’t get to see the property BEFORE you buy it, adding major risks to the investor (you).

Buying Properties with Past Due Taxes

After 2008, a huge number of properties became available for sale with past-due taxes. These are often owners who need and want to sell fast. The clock is ticking for them. They can be found via the MLS, for sale by owners, auctions, or searching local county tax records.

Delinquent tax amounts can range from a few dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Also look out for other liens, mortgages, and code violations. In some cases, properties can be bought for the amount of past-due taxes alone. In others, those taxes may far exceed the property value.

Get good at negotiating in this space and you can uncover a lot of value while helping others and local communities.

These properties can be lived in as a residence, flipped or wholesaler for cash, held and rented out for cash flow or redeveloped.

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