How Does Owner Financing Work in Georgia?

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the market. But you still need to consider selling. You might even be underwater on your mortgage (you owe more than it’s worth). The fact is that with credit being tight, and budgets being small, selling a home for cash isn’t as easy as it once was. If you are curious … Continued

Food Stamps In Georgia – The Complete Guide

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Unemployment In Georgia – The Complete Guide

This is the ultimate guide to unemployment in Georgia. In this comprehensive guide I’ll cover: The benefits that you receive. How to file a claim. How much money you’ll get and when you’ll get paid. The requirements you need to meet to get unemployment. How to apply online. Georgia’s unemployment office locations and contact info. … Continued

Who Needs A Georgia Power Of Attorney?

Have you found yourself in a potentially tough spot and wish to give someone the power of attorney? But what is a power of attorney? The power of attorney in Georgia allows a family member or friend to act legally on your behalf. This includes financial, medical, and personal decisions. This article deep dives everything you … Continued

Georgia Property Tax Liens

So, you’re are (or are going to be) behind on your taxes. But what happens when you find yourself behind on paying your property taxes in Georgia? This post will deep dive into everything you need to know about Georgia property tax liens. So keep reading. What Are Georgia Tax Liens? In Georgia, the courts … Continued

Want Free Abandoned Houses For Sale Near Me

Looking on Tips and Trick To Purchase An Abandoned House Cheaply? Keep reading… We walk you through the steps to take. Looking to get rid of a junky abandoned house in your neighborhood? Fill out the form on this page! Just provide us with your contact and the address of the property. (We give referral … Continued

How To Sell Your House For A Fraction Of The Cost in Atlanta

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How To Handle Tenant Complaints in Atlanta

As a real estate investor, it is inevitable… you will need to know how to fairly and efficiently handle tenant complaints. Whether the complaints are unfounded or have merit, how you handle them is incredibly important. Learn more about the best practices in our latest post! People all have different standards of living. As such, … Continued

5 Things You Must Know as the Executor of an Estate

Losing a friend or a loved one is a grounding experience. There are too many emotions to name, especially for the executor of the estate. Carrying out the deceased’s last wishes is a heavy responsibility, but one that comes with an incredible amount of trust and honor. The deceased has chosen you, overall, to ensure … Continued

6 Things to Do When a Tenant Stops Paying Rent

Every landlord experiences it at some point: your tenant stops paying rent. A lot of people into the landlord business purely by accident. Everything usually goes well, at least, for a while. Without proper education, screening processes may consist of a neighbor knowing a person who needed a place. Eventually, not surprisingly, these tenants stopped … Continued